Building the Foundation for Innovation

Growthwright works with ambitious, emerging technology startups who have real commitment to growing their business.

Our flexible platform of professional services clears common distractions that interfere with small business growth. We align with your strategy by providing the resources and foundation for your team to perform at their highest, measure effectively and continue to grow without interruption.

The Growthwright Difference

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Don’t get locked in to a long-term commitment that doesn’t adjust to your needs and budget. At Growthwright, we provide flexible contract terms that scale to fit your business demands.

Story Consulting and Writing

Focused Expertise

Our team of seasoned professionals have extensive experience serving healthcare and technology clients. We understand what it takes to grow your tech startup: consistency.

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As a Nashville-based company, we embrace southern hospitality with a client-first focus. We are here for you every step of the way – it’s who we are!


When Is The Right Time to Ask for Help?

“Like many startups, we had a knowledge gap in our organization. There was no way around it, so we partnered with Growthwright and our growth accelerated, which thrilled us and our investors.”

Financial Services

Benefit from a strategic partner with startup financial services that operate as an extension of your business without the need for an in-house team. Whether you need sophisticated CFO support or day-to-day accounting and payroll, we provide the flexible fee structure and financial visibility to help you minimize cash burn and satisfy your investor demands.

Business Compliance

Gain peace of mind with business compliance services that keep you up-to-date with the latest financial and business regulations. From business sales tax and local sales tax filings to HR regulations, our secure platform for entrepreneurial growth means you don’t have to manage the regulatory hurdles yourself.

Human Resources

Do you need a new hire? A new employee handbook? A dedicated HR specialist who knows your business inside and out is more responsive, attentive and committed to the success of your team. Your current and future employees will know the difference. Our seamless HR strategies are a natural fit for emerging startup companies at any growth stage.

Marketing Services

Is your messaging and brand consistent with your overall business goals? Are you confident in your go-to-market strategy and ongoing performance? Our professional marketing services strategically align with your business development strategy to drive engagement and enhance your brand with compelling content, design, digital media and other creative initiatives.

Sales Operations

Looking at a new CRM system, marketing automation or sales development to drive lead generation? Managing the processes and technology that drive efficiency, visibility and discipline in your sales pipeline can be a job in and of itself. Our sales operations team helps streamline that process with high-level sales strategy, administrative support and access to robust analytics.

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