Building the Foundation for Innovation

Growthwright works with emerging B2B technology groups who have real ambition and commitment to growing their business

What Are You Looking For?

Finance Services

Finance services, although mundane, are the most critical to the success of a start-up.  Sound and timely accounting allows visibility to your start-up’s cash burn and future cash flow needs.

Business Services

Growthwright ensures that compliance and regulatory hurdles are not overlooked through our client’s rapid growth.

Human Resources

Growthwright provides the human resource support that will send the right message to your employees and potential candidates.

Marketing Services

Set a foundation for success with your sales team and your marketing assets to support scalable rapid growth.

Sales Operations

Gain access to enterprise tools and analytics that set the stage for a successful sales strategy.

See What Sets Us Apart

Flexible Fee Structure

Too many times service vendors take
advantage of their clients by confining them into a long term commitment that doesn’t adjust to their needs.

At Growthwright, we provide flexible contract terms that scale to fit your business demands.

Industry Experience

Our staff is comprised of healthcare and IT professionals. We understand the day to day tasks that sustain a B2B healthcare IT business and what investors look to achieve in a growing company.

Our Hospitality

As a Nashville-based company, we embrace southern hospitality. Where other companies lack the customer service needed for small businesses, we are here for you every step of the way. It’s who we are.

Perform. Measure. Grow.

We clear distractions from start-up technology companies while designing and executing business models that set a foundation for growth.  We do the heavy lifting with necessary business tasks so that you can focus on expanding your company without the constant interruption from critical financial, technical, human resource, sales, and marketing tasks.


Instill discipline into all of your start-up business processes to fulfill stakeholder expectations.


Gain access to valuable insight and make smarter decisions around your start-up using analytics and reporting dashboards.


Have the tools and the resources to quickly scale up your healthcare IT start-up.

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