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Danielle Thienel, Business Development Analyst of Growthwright, shares a 60 second networking tip for you and your startup. Reach out if you want to grow your business and take it the next level.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: “Hello, I’m Danielle Thienel of Growthwright and this is my 60 second tip for you and your startup. When you attend a networking event and meet someone for the first time, what’s the first question you ask after the initial name introduction? Is it: “So, what do you do?”. Next time you find yourself in this position, consider a question that allows someone to answer with a non- work-related topic to give you a chance to connect in a different way. Because richer, more trusting, longer lasting relationships are ones where there is more than one connection with another person. Don’t worry. The conversation will inevitably steer back to work. My favorite ice-breaker question is, “ What brings you to today’s event?”. What’s your ice breaker? Now get out there and start forging those relationships.”