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7 Tips to Build and Grow Your Startup

Last month, Growthwright CEO Mike Cerino and Business Development Analyst Danielle Thienel had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Church and Les Stouder of The Startup Radio Show.

“We are very familiar with young, emerging startup companies, and we’re very passionate about helping these young companies grow,” said CEO Mike Cerino.

Growthwright offers back-office services for startup companies. A startup itself, Growthwright has a successful track record for stabilizing and guiding young companies by offering HR, accounting, payroll, CFO and marketing services. Of the initial clients managed by the company, Cerino explains that now, almost four years later, “every single one of those startups is still here today, continuing to grow and thrive.”

The episode offers listeners some insights into growth issues many startups face, including lessons learned brought by real-life conversations with emerging companies. Business Development Analyst Danielle Thienel offers listeners some idea on the types of issues that prohibit growth.

“When I’m out and about and talking with entrepreneurs in young companies, I’m trying to hear what challenges they’re facing,” says Thienel.

Cerino and Thienel offer advice on the importance of financial insight, discuss how back-end marketing is vital for startups, and relay key pieces of advice for attracting high-end talent. The most surprising discovery many startups make? Compliance.

“You’re not gonna be able to sell into a large hospital unless you have compliance and an infrastructure for handling PHI in place around your business,” says Cerino.

And all too often, busy startups aren’t aware that a tax law has changed. According to Cerino, “You don’t want any of these huge surprises. Imagine if you’re going through due diligence with a potential investor two years down the road, and they realize you have not been charging sales tax to your clients?”

While growing a startup can be complex, Cerino and Thienel note the connection they make when they meet with potential clients.

While talking to a young entrepreneur at a recent conference, Thienel recalls, “I really remember watching that light bulb go off over her head when I talked about marketing. She had recently been given the strategic initiatives for her company, but she had no idea how to execute on that plan.”

Filling the gap between the vision for your startup and measurable success is exactly where the team at Growthwright wants to fit in.

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