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Greg George

President & CEO, NextDoc

“We are very early in our company’s evolution and Growthwright’s accounting, cash management and business support services have allowed me to focus on our platform and grow strategy.  Their service has been invaluable.”

Hassan Rifaat

President & CEO, Vatica Health

“Growthwright has been an integral part of our team throughout our growth path and has provided excellent financial and cash flow visibility.  The commitment of the Growthwright team has allowed Vatica to focus on our strategic vision and grow our business.”

Mark Thienel

CEO, Advent Health Partners
“Our business has been evolving over the past two years and the team at Growthwright has been a huge help. Their assistance with recruiting and human resource matters has lifted a huge burden off our management team. The monthly financial and forecasting process has really fostered expense containment and strong cash flow management.”