Frequently Asked Questions

Help yourself to answers to our most common questions.

We are commited to your growth.

There are plenty of questions and concerns as you take the first steps on clearing the common distractions that interfere with small business growth. The following information will help you establish an understanding of  our flexible platform of essential professional services – accounting, CFO, business compliance, human resources, marketing and sales operations.

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What sets Growthwright apart from other back office service vendors?

We provide the forward-looking business acumen that helps drive discipline into our startup clients’ processes early. Our clients are more than numbers on a spreadsheet to us. Beyond mere outsourcing, our clients see us as a dedicated part of their team.

What industries do you serve?

Growthwright excels at serving B2B SaaS startups. It’s what we know, and it’s what we do best. Our Nashville location has led us to particular expertise with B2B SaaS healthcare vendors.

What is your contracts and pricing model?

We offer flexible pricing and six-month statements of work so our clients aren’t locked into long-term contracts. Though our goal is an ongoing partnership with our clients, we understand that long-term contracts aren’t nimble enough for the rapidly changing needs of a growing startup.

How do you ensure a smooth transition process for new Growthwright clients?

Our new client relationships start with a structured transition plan that sets clear expectations, defines key deadlines, and addresses common pain points head-on. We work directly with current vendors and staff to ensure a seamless onboarding experience that has clients up and running within 30-45 days.

What does working with Growthwright look like on an ongoing basis?

High availability and proactive communication are the key features of a Growthwright working relationship. From regular financial review meetings, to an on-site HR presence as needed, to boardroom support, we are hands-on with our clients.

Do I have to leave my current systems?

Our clients often come to us with a variety of systems – like QuickBooks or Xero – already in place. Our experience allows us to work handily with existing solutions and provide expertise where necessary to ensure our clients have the best systems for their long-term growth goals.

Do you provide strategic financial support?

Supported by a foundation of strong accounting, we provide forecasting, budgeting, and pricing strategic support. We also provide advanced modeling to accommodate assorted scenarios that is complex enough to be meaningful, simple enough to be useful.

Do you assist with board and investor presentations?

All of our financial packages and forecasting models are designed with key metrics and summaries for the board level in mind. Our comprehensive approach to financial visibility – from journal entries to the boardroom – empowers our entrepreneurs to be confident in front of their board and investors.

What does the HR interaction with managers and employees look like?

Growthwright provides a dedicated HR contact for managers and employees, coupled with a robust HR information system and employee portal for unparalleled HR visibility.

How does Growthwright help with early stage messaging?

Getting the story and message just right is essential for early stage startups. We work to truly understand our clients’ solution and market to develop focused value propositions that align with their business development strategy and produce results.

It's time for smarter outsourcing.

Instill discipline into all of your start-up business
processes to fulfill stakeholder expectations.

It's time for smarter outsourcing.

Gain access to valuable insight and make smarter
decisions around your start-up using analytics and
reporting dashboards.

It's time for smarter outsourcing.

Have the tools and the resources to quickly scale
up your healthcare IT start-up.