Human Resource Administration

Are you devoting as many resources to developing your startup’s people as you are to your product?

Human Resources Compliance

Benefits Coordination

Attract and develop the great people you need to support your vision.

Human Resources is more than just another thing on your to-do list. Human capital – your people – are the starting point and foundation of a successful company strategy. In today’s competitive talent environment, you need a partner who understands the unique challenges faced by emerging technology companies, leverages a modern information management system for the greatest efficiency, and handles your most valuable assets with a human touch.

Growthwright’s experienced Human Resources team works with your company culture and in your best interests to deliver the right combination of benefits coordination, payroll, policies and procedures, recruitment and onboarding services. Keep your employees feeling happy and secure, make the right impression on potential candidates, and grow your business with the strategic and day-to-day HR support of Growthwright.

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Are you ready to implement HR policies that mitigate your risk? We start with an in-depth review of your policies and procedures and give you step-by-step recommendations that you can put to work immediately.
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Human Resources Compliance

As your business grows, your challenges multiply. Navigating the potential minefield of human resources compliance is too important to leave up to chance, and legal action isn’t the only consequence of mismanaging your company’s policies and procedures. Beyond following the letter of the law, sensitively handling potential and current employee issues is essential to creating a sterling company reputation and culture.
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Policies and Procedures

Mitigate your risk with well-documented and updated policies and procedures, consistently administered – from employee handbooks, to required documentation, to sensitivity and conflict resolution training.
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Governmental Compliance

Before the government pays a visit, you need to be prepared. Keep up-to-date with the latest legal requirements, mandatory government filing and reporting including ACA compliance and DOL overtime, and job classifications.
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Industry Certification Management

Track and maintain accurate records of employee continuing education and compliance trainings and certifications.

Recruiting and Onboarding

In the startup world, there’s a lot of talk about culture, and with good reason. To strategically pursue your vision, you need to find the right people that fit with your brand from the beginning. There is no time to waste on a long, drawn-out recruiting process or turnover due to poor up-front candidate screenings. Leverage our wide network of startup companies and various industry organizations to find and recruit the best and brightest candidates to move your startup forward.
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Recruitment Strategy

Optimize project performance by building teams based on individual skills, talents and strengths, and a perfect-fit workforce combination of full-time staff, contractors, consultants, freelancers and part-time employees.
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Compensation Strategy

Competing with big companies (and matching salaries) for top talent? A creative and flexible compensation plan that’s market and budget appropriate is key to being their employer of choice.
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Streamlined Recruiting and Onboarding

Keep the typical HR processes efficient with a single online solution that delivers a full applicant tracking system for management visibility and paperless onboarding for employees.

Benefits Coordination

A comprehensive benefits package is a key component of a competitive employee recruitment and retention strategy. From basic health/dental/vision plans to 401k, from savings programs to long- and short-term disability coverage, we support you with a solid network of plan administrators and brokers to assist with plan evaluation and roll-out.
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Plan Design and Selection

From strategic planning to working with brokers to create the best plan to stay competitive in the market, we reduce the hassles to getting the best coverage for your budget.
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Open Enrollment and Plan Maintenance

Once a plan is chosen, let us take care of the details: set up benefit deductions and electronic enrollment, draft benefit packets and communications, and conduct employee presentations.
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Employee Support

A dedicated point-of-contact will support your employees through online benefits enrollment, employee self-service, and answer their questions on benefits, payroll, COBRA and FSA.

Employee Relations

Even in the best workplace with the best employees, complex situations will arise that require difficult conversations at a moment’s notice. Are you prepared to handle that likelihood with delicacy and an open mind? People are everything, especially in startups, and your people deserve access to an invested point-of-contact that listens to their concerns and helps them evolve along with your company’s objectives.
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Management Support

Quick conflict resolution preserves the positive working environment. We work with managers to solve issues and help employees manage interpersonal relationships so minor annoyances don’t become major distractions.
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Performance Management

Ensure your people’s day-to-day work has a greater impact on your company’s growth. We help you identify key competencies to better measure, track and reward employee performance.
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Training and Development Programs

Increase productivity and employee satisfaction with education programs, career development planning assistance, and workplace training.

HR Information System

Typically out of reach for a startup, a robust HR information system keeps HR processes efficient and allows employees to be self-sufficient. No need to cobble together spreadsheets, scanned forms and a clunky payroll system. No wondering if all information is complete and signatures are gathered. Everything from W2s to time and attendance to performance evaluations are secure, online and accessible from anywhere.
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paperless benefits enrollment

Paperless Benefits Enrollment

Improve employee engagement and simplify benefits enrollment with ready access to plan details and the ability to make changes in case of life events. No faxing or emailing required.
Intergrated Payroll

Integrated Payroll

Access a sophisticated payroll platform that is secure, fully integrated with your financial data, and complete with paperless processes and employee self-service capabilities.
Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Put employees in the driver’s seat with easy online and mobile access to their paystubs and personal information, PTO requests, employee handbook, payroll calendar and more.